Mergers and Acquisitions

Accelerated Mergers and Acquisitions at companies or businesses

We are a highly experienced mergers and acquisitions team who are involved in the marketing and disposing of distressed businesses.

Quabbala Limited, one of the best insolvency law firms in London, can assist you in achieving your merging and acquisition goals by utilizing our extensive network to identify potential targets that fit your acquisition criteria, valuing the prospective acquisitions, and assist in negotiating and structuring the transaction once a suitable target is identified. A successful merger and acquisition process is a challenging undertaking as quality acquisition opportunities are very difficult to find. The majority of buyers approach this process in a passive manner; by searching websites and contacting business brokers to see what companies are currently representing. This process is lengthy, attracts many under-performing and over-valued businesses, while seldom yielding a quality company. A proactive acquisition program with our company can serve to eliminate these disadvantages by identifying many more interested sellers than are currently “on the market”.